Second Annual Rosé Rumble

I’ve lived through my share of wine trends. The madness of Malbec doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago. Same deal with sauvignon blanc. I even remember the sexy allure of pinot noir. But I swear, I have never witnessed anything like the present-day obsession with rosé. Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen wine bars turn their entire menu over to rosé varieties. Restaurants regularly host rosé tastings and food pairings. I mean, I like the stuff, but the breadth and endurance of rosé’s popularity totally mystifies me.

Sometimes I wonder whether rosé’s prolonged moment in the sun is some sort of cosmic market correction. For many years, the pink wine seemed like the black sheep of the vino family – misunderstood, maligned, and often ignored. Many wondered whether it was some ill-advised mixture of red and white wine. No one was sure whether it should be chilled, or what to serve with it. Worst of all, rosé’s pale pink complexion conjured visions of white zinfandel. Lumped in with that abomination, rosé was unfairly characterized as a lightweight wine for drinkers with bad taste.

And now? Nobody can seem to get enough of it.

Locally, no event better reflects rosé’s still-surging popularity than the Rosé Rumble at Puritan & Company. Now in its second year, last week’s event was a showcase for more than 50 wines selected by Puritan’s wine director. Guests had a chance to sip a wildly diverse array of rosés while chatting with vintners and brand ambassadors. If you’re a casual rosé fan, like myself, the evening served as an opportunity to learn more about this most fashionable of wines. Rosé devotees, meanwhile, had no shortage of new labels and styles to try.

Below are a few pictures from the event, which was split into two ticketed sessions. I heard several people talking about how much the Rumble had grown from the previous year, and some were already looking ahead to 2017. So if you’ve been sitting out the rosé trend, it might be time to hop on the bandwagon.

Along with rosé's resurgent popularity, there are plenty of new ways to consume it. Rosé in a box? Check.

Rosé in a can? Double check.

Rosé in slushie form -- aka frosé? Triple check.

Even if you balanced sipping and dumping, wine samples can catch up with you quickly. Thankfully there was food, too. Personally, I think pork belly buns match up pretty well with rosé. Or with anything, really.

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