Hey, I'm Matt. I like drinking and I like writing. Combining those two activities seemed like a no-brainer.

As for why I decided to combine those things in the form of a blog, well, that's a bit more involved. So here's a mission statement of sorts.

Every bar has something to offer.

From the humblest local tavern to the trendiest city nightspot, all bars have one pretty fundamental thing in common – they serve alcohol. But after that, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Fortunately, there’s something for everyone.

In the Boston area, there are glitzy bars, gritty bars, authentic Irish pubs, wannabe Irish pubs, cocktail bars, wine bars, themed bars, bars that date back hundreds of years, places that just opened a week ago, bars that boast hundreds of beers on tap, karaoke bars, dive bars, upscale bars, national chain bars, hole-in-the-wall bars with no draft beers and a couple of dusty bottles of whiskey, hotel bars, jazz bars, brewpubs, sports bars, former speakeasies, modern-day speakeasies, bars that cater to tourists, bars known only to savvy locals…and just about everything in between.

There are bars with bands. Bars with jukeboxes. Bars with great food. Bars whose cuisine doesn’t extend beyond individual-size bags of potato chips. Bars with pool tables. Bars with dartboards. Bars with dartboards but no darts. Bars that require you to stand in line for an hour to get in. Bars where you may be the only customer.

My personal favorite? Well…that’s a tough call. The thing is, I’m not enamored of any particular “type” of bar. And chances are, neither are you. Because while many of us may generally like one type of bar more than another, I think it’s less about form and more about function.

For instance, if you’re getting drinks with your coworkers, the bar closest to your office is probably the best idea. If you’re meeting up with friends on a Saturday night, you might prefer a place that’s worthy of travel and that you can plan on staying at for a few hours. Got a hot date? That might call for something more sophisticated, with elegant cocktails. In the mood to just get drunk with your best bud? A dive bar with cheap bottles of Miller High Life could be exactly your speed.

That’s why I think almost every bar has something going for it. Because whatever your mood or occasion, it’s a good bet you’ll find something that fits your drinking needs.

I’m writing this blog because I love all the aforementioned places, I’ve been to a ton of them, and maybe…just maybe…I can do something productive with the hours I’ve whiled away in such fine (and not so fine) establishments. Like sharing the good news. I love introducing friends to my favorite watering holes, so if reading this tempts you to try a new bar, or gives you a different perspective on a place you’ve been to a dozen times, then perhaps I’ll have successfully passed on some useful knowledge. I shall feel fulfilled.

Now, I’m not seeking out the hottest new place, nor am I trying to uncover hidden gems. I’m not even looking for the best bar – I’m looking for what each bar does best. Sometimes that’s obvious; other times, it’s a challenge. And on those rare occasions when I can find no redeeming feature? Hopefully I got an entertaining story out of it, if nothing else.

I’ll be focusing mostly on the Boston area, because that’s where I live. But I’ll take the show on the road now and then because – are you ready for this? – I love checking out new bars in other cities. Or revisiting old favorites.

But wherever I am, I’m simply chronicling my own experiences. Yours may be quite different. After all, what often makes a bar truly unique is not the beer selection or the food or some “coolness” factor, but the warmth of a special memory it holds for us. Maybe it’s where you took your girlfriend on your first date. Maybe it’s where you saw Vinatieri split the uprights on a snowy night in 2002. Maybe it was the backdrop for your greatest college-era shenanigans. Or maybe it’s just the place down the street from your apartment, where the bartender knows your name.

Like you, I have my favorites, plus a bunch of places I’m dying to try. And whether I’m blown away or completely underwhelmed…chances are, I’ll find a reason to go back.